Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New X-COM Reboot to Remain True to Original Series

In 2010, an X-COM remake was announced by game studio 2K Marin. Many online were furious at the decision to turn it into a first-person shooter, a choice that some other studios had taken with classic game reboots.

But now those angry gamers can rejoice, because Firaxis is making yet another X-COM reboot, which promises to stay true to the series roots. XCOM: Enemy Unknown promises to maintain the isometric point of view, ruthless difficulty, and strategy gameplay elements that players hold so dear, while updating the graphics to reflect modern hardware capabilities.

Oddly enough, Firaxis and 2K Marin are both 2K subsidiaries, meaning 2K is publishing both a first-person shooter and strategy game reboot of the same series, at roughly the same time. I wonder if they're just hoping one of the two sticks so they can ditch the other. No word yet on a release date.

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