Sunday, February 19, 2012

Game Collecting: My First Super Famicom Games

I've always had a small retro game collection, but recently have decided to become more proactive about expanding it. As a result of my current employment situation and "grown-up" financial commitments, I don't have a whole lot of disposable income to spend on video games, though. So when I make retro game purchases I'm pretty discerning about what's worth my money. While the child in me wants to accrue a complete NES and SNES collection, I have to restrain myself for now. So that means I only really look for my absolute favorite games (primarily RPGs). This week I made 2 fantastic additions to the collection!

Through a retro gaming community I'm part of on, I've met a lot of people that have some jaw-droppingly impressive retro game collections. And on a rare occasion, some of these fine folks have duplicate games or decide to downsize their collections and offer some titles up for sale. This week I spotted a great Super Famicom Japanese RPG collection for trade/sale and couldn't resist.

Chrono Trigger and Mother 2 Super Famicom Boxes

So with my small budget in mind, I narrowed my sights to my two favorite games from the batch. Mother 2 (better known as Earthbound in the US) and Chrono Trigger, complete in their original boxes with manuals and inserts. These are the Japanese versions of the games, meaning they are Super Famicom cartridges. Sadly they aren't compatible with my American SNES, but I do have the intention of eventually getting ahold of a Super Famicom to be able to play them.

Mother 2 Super Famicom Box and Cartridge

In a perfect world I'd exclusively collect CIB (Complete In Box) games like these, but without specifically buying them direct from another collector they're really tough to come by. I'm quite happy to have them added to my collection, though. The American versions of these two go for a small fortune, especially Earthbound at $250+, but I am going to keep my eyes peeled for them in hopes that one day I'll find someone who doesn't realize how much they're worth.

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