Thursday, February 9, 2012

Game Collecting: A Weekend Flea Market Find

I've collected retro games pretty casually over the past 5 or so years, acquiring only a Super Nintendo and a handful of games. I've made it a goal to be more proactive about finding new items to add to the collection. On Superbowl Sunday last weekend, I ventured to the main local swap meet and spent a few hours looking around. Here's what I found!

The swap meet spanned multiple acres so there was a lot of ground to cover. I went down rows and rows of vendors with very little luck at first. There were sock vendors (literally at least a dozen exclusively selling socks!), bedazzled booty jean vendors (nearly as many as the sock vendors), then people selling used tools. Didn't look too promising. A big table with a series of glass cases at the end of one aisle caught my eye. Finally, a mountain of retro games - Genesis, NES, and SNES! Closer inspection revealed that these people knew what they were worth. All the good ones were $40+. So close yet so far.

Further aisles yielded similar results; the only game vendors had cartridges that were severely overpriced. At the very last booth I was going to look at before calling it quits, I saw the trademark orange of an NES light gun peeking out from behind an old TV. Beside it was an entire NES console in excellent condition, with 2 controllers, all the cords, and 3 games (one of which was actually an SNES game). Thirty bucks later and I was happily on my way out of the swap meet.

The games I netted were Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/Track Meet for the NES, then Ultima VI: The False Prophet for the SNES. I haven't played The False Prophet before, so that should be an interesting one to check out.

So what's next? I am going to check out a local used bookstore and then a retro game store I found on Craigslist the other day. Not sure what to expect with either, but we shall see. I am going to focus primarily on RPGs, as those are my favorite, but I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for any other good titles.


  1. I admit that I'd really like to play that duck hunt game again.

  2. Seeing that you are in a neighboring state, if you ever find yourself in Albuquerque, NM, there's a really cool store called Gamers Anonymous (they have a FB page) that is all about retro gaming and I noticed tons of great finds when they setup their booth at the Albuquerque Comic Expo (last year they had competitions with the original Super Mario Brothers NES classic).

    1. Awesome, if I'm ever over that way I'll have to check it out! For such a big city, Phoenix has surprisingly few such stores.

  3. Congratulations!!, what a bargain!!