Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Game Collecting: New Console Ahead

Last weekend while retro game hunting, I made another great console find! It's one of the less commercially successful consoles, which is a shame, because it's got some jaw-droppingly amazing games. Any guess at what it is?

I think this was a pretty easy one to figure out - the Sega Dreamcast! It was initially very successful, but the release of the PlayStation 2 drove it into the shadows and ultimately led to its demise.

It was in fantastic condition so I couldn't pass it up. After purchasing it, I was surprised to run into TWO more Dreamcasts while hitting my other thrift stores. Luckily, the one I picked up initially was the most complete and in the best condition of all three. This means I'm finally nearing the point of having all the consoles I want. Just need to find myself a Sega Genesis and a Japanese Super Famicom and I'll be quite the happy camper.

And as an unexpected bonus, there was a copy of Ms. Pac Man in the console! Good thing, too, because I have yet to actually find one single Dreamcast game in all my thrifting expeditions. So many good games I need to find now - Power Stone, Sonic Adventure, Shenmue...the list goes on and on.


  1. Do you have an intellivision one? You should add that to the collection.

    1. Those are so old they're real hard to find, especially in any kind of decent condition. I'm trying to limit how many consoles I have for now, so I can focus on getting some good games.