Sunday, March 11, 2012

Game Collecting: Time to Buy a Sega Genesis

This week I followed my usual route of local thrift stores, but I changed one thing - I went on a different day. And whether it's because I picked a better day of the week to look for retro games, or I just had some good luck, I found something great!

As someone who frequents a lot of thrift stores, I know that sometimes you have to trudge through days (or weeks) of finding nothing good to finally get something you want. This Friday was one of those finds that made all the other bad trips worth it. Upon perusing the books and media section of my first stop of the night, I found an entire shelf full of Sega Genesis games!

Let's go through the laundry list first -
  • Pirates! Gold 
  • Prince of Persia 
  • Earthworm Jim 
  • Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse 
  • Kid Chameleon 
  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition 
  • Altered Beast
Needless to say, I'm pretty satisfied. All of these were only $16, too. Only problem? I don't actually have a Sega Genesis. Not yet, at least. Now that I have a bunch of great games for it, I have more motivation to seek one out. I've seen a few recently, but all were in terrible condition, so for now the search shall continue.

I'm even happier about this purchase because all the games I found were CIB (complete in box). Some of them, like Pirates! Gold, even have the little mail-in feedback forms that originally shipped with the games.

I did leave a few games behind at the store, but they were just some generic sports titles. At $2 a pop, I was half-tempted to get them anyway, but I'm already short on storage space so I just left them behind. Off to find myself a Genesis!


  1. I remember Castle of Illusion giving me a lot of rage-fits as a child.

    I'm a big Sega-Head. I still have my old Master System, and I STILL can't beat Fantasy Zone or Choplifter!!

    1. As soon as I can get ahold of a console I'll be able to join in your frustration with Castle of Illusion! I never had a Genesis as a kid, and I haven't played most of the games in this stack I just bought either. I'm excited!